Let us regard the forests as an inheritance, given to us by nature, not to be despoiled or devastated, but to be wisely used, reverently honoured and carefully maintained. Let us regard the forests as a gift, entrusted to any one of us only for transient care, to be surrendered to posterity as an unimpaired property, increased in riches and augmented in blessings, to pass as a sacred patrimony from generation to generation.” – Baron Sir Ferdinand von Mueller (1879)

Bruce Webber is generally found with his boots in the dirt and his head amongst the leaves.  As a professional ecologist and passionate conservationist, Bruce is continually seeking out answers to the what, why and how questions about the natural world around us.  Carrying a camera has always been a complementary extension to this quest.

Bruce is a self-taught photographer and believes in learning by doing.  He has exhibited in a print show in New York and has had photos published in National Geographic Traveller magazine, amongst other publications.  This website features a small selection of his recent images.


Should you have any inquiries about purchasing prints or licensing images for commercial or educational purposes, please feel free to get in touch through the contact page of this website. All of the images displayed on this website are available, as well as a large catalog of images not displayed on this website. The use of these images in any way is prohibited without express prior written permission.